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Applying digital to comms strategy
Written by Andrew Thomas   
Thursday, 15 October 2015 08:59

DIA2015.jpgAwards recognise digital communications excellence in Europe for six years running

Another year, another group of digital specialists recognised at the 2015 Digital Impact Awards. During a night of camaraderie, networking and celebration, gold trophies were awarded to digital communications campaigns in numerous sectors and targeting a range of audiences. Among the winners were ITV Studios and Rawnet, who won ‘Digital campaign of the year’, MSLGROUP, who won ‘Digital agency of the year’ and The King’s Fund, who won ‘Digital in-house team of the year.’

Employer Brand Management Awards launched
Written by Brittany Golob   
Monday, 12 October 2015 16:25

EBMA_Website_imagery_17.pngEmployer brand can be hard to define, but the results of a good employer brand are easy to see. The employer brand is the part of a brand strategy that relates to an organisation’s reputation as an employer, and thus is a vital aspect of brand management and a key concern for communicators.

A strong employer brand strategy will be reflected in the quality of staff, the amount of time they stay with a company and ability to attract new, skilled staff in a competitive market.

A modern approach to bedtime stories
Written by Emily Andrews   
Monday, 12 October 2015 09:43

Ronald.jpgRonald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) provides free accommodation to the families of children in hospital.

The organisation recently collaborated with Rawnet digital agency for a campaign that encourages parents to read with their children at bedtime. The Night Light campaign puts a modern twist on the time-honoured tradition of storytelling.

Ascot-based Rawnet have created 10 digital story books featuring Patch the Night Light; a character created by Leo Burnett and Anarchy Ltd Modelmakers to represent the values of the RMHC. Supporters of the charity are given the opportunity to contribute to the books by sharing ideas for character names, locations and artwork online.

B2B audiences are online
Written by Emily Andrews   
Thursday, 08 October 2015 11:53

Soho_House_Dean_St.jpgA B2B customer will go at least 57% of the way towards making a purchasing decision before speaking with the potential vendor.

That was one of the illuminating statistics shared at Soho House in London this morning (8 October), when iProspect UK, part of the Dentsu Aegis Network, launched a new B2B marketing division, iProspect Enterprise.

Speakers, including representatives from the business arms of Google and LinkedIn, shared a host of interesting stats around patterns in the B2B market and advice on how to best reach this audience online. Research shows that B2B influencers are both younger and more influential than they used to be, with 72% of B2B marketers now younger than 45. This group are more likely than ever to be engaging with content online. Typically, ten pieces of online content are consumed before a purchase decision is made.

Employee engagement guidance
Written by Emily Andrews   
Wednesday, 07 October 2015 14:35

eau_palm_beach.jpgInternal communicators would argue that employee engagement is the foundation of a successful brand, and ultimately good business. The BridgeCon conference on 14-15 October, 2015, brings together speakers from some of the world’s best brands. The representatives will demonstrate how the success of their organisations stem, at least in part, from strong company culture, and will explain how that was achieved.

The programme features major organisations such as Google, Lush, TGI Fridays, BBC Worldwide, Fitness First and Bacardi. Talita Ferreira, chief financial officer at BMW Group UK Limited, will speak about the development of an internal brand, while Karen Russell, chief people officer at Pizza Hut UK & Ireland, will speak about engaging and retaining top performers. Other speakers include Paul Dolan, professor of behavioural science at LSE and author of Happiness by Design, who will host a panel discussion about ‘Creating a happy and engaged modern workplace’ and Steve Knight, general manager at Hungry House, who will talk about using big data for the enhancement of employee experience.

Changing the stifling air for women in the creative industries
Written by Brittany Golob   
Monday, 05 October 2015 14:24

canary_art22.jpgIt should come as no shock to most communicators that there is a gender gap in the industry. The stats are compelling; 70% of graphic design students are women, but only 3% of creative directors are women, women earn less over the course of their careers, senior comms roles are more often filled by men than women. It goes on. Yet Deloitte research has also proved that companies with a more diverse workforce – in terms of gender, race, sexuality, etc. – perform better than those without.

Promoting diverse hiring practices, flexible working and collaborative cultures is in the best interests of women in the creative industries. To help make a difference in that process of change and see more women taking leadership roles is the new Kerning the Gap group, founded by Good’s London MD Natalie Maher.

Candidate drops out of CIPR presidential race
Written by Brittany Golob   
Friday, 02 October 2015 11:24

Andy_Jason.jpgYesterday, CIPR presidential nominee Andy Green, a PR and creative consultant, announced via Twitter that he would be stepping out of the race for the CIPR presidency for 2017. On Green's blog, he notes that he intended to run in order to avoid the CIPR presidency going uncontested, as it has done for the past two years. He also notes, "I had also hoped to create an opportunity for an open debate about the future of public relations and of the institute. Running for president has frankly been a mixed experience where I have since lost the appetite and desire to lead the organization," and says he will be resigning from CIPR after 27 years of membership.

Creativity in a post-TV world
Written by Brittany Golob   
Friday, 02 October 2015 10:14

tv.jpgThroughout Social Media Week last month, communicators were discussing ways to meet the challenges presented by the digital age. Much of the advice offered amounted to, ‘Create better content.’ A nice idea, but not one that solves the problems; it merely compels people to act.

Phil Nottingham, video strategist at Zone, said at an event yesterday that this has to change. Digital presents challenges in terms of content distribution, watch rates and call to action. This is particularly prevalent in video marketing. TV has changed so that the standard model of advertising is no longer effective. TV is a multiplatform experience. Making great content in this context is not a solution, nor is putting more money into the distribution of mediocre content, he says.

Video and live events successes in communicating CSR honoured
Written by Brittany Golob   
Thursday, 01 October 2015 13:44

ShellMdaMMatchonPitchPost_Build1.jpgAlmost every survey about Millennials in the workplace will suggest that young’uns expect their employer to behave ethically or responsibly. For employer brand and reputational issues, companies have long pursued corporate social responsibility or sustainability programmes that seek to do good in the world. Many achieve their objectives and see great success, both in terms of the beneficiary and on the business’ own bottom line. Communicating about those objectives and successes is not as easily achieved.

The EVCOM Clarion Awards has, for 12 years, promoted raising the standards of communications about CSR and celebrated achievements made by businesses in this area. For live events and video communications professionals, this event values work done to encourage an ethical culture or engage with environmental or social issues.

Annual reporting leaders
Written by Emily Andrews   
Thursday, 01 October 2015 10:39

Evo_Annual_Report.JPGCommunicate magazine hosted its influential corporate reporting conference at the Brewery venue in London on 30 September. The high attendance was testament to the dedication of the financial communications industry and the strong line-up of speakers covered a range of pertinent and thought-provoking topics; from integrated reporting to digital investor relations. The half-day event ended with the presentation of the Future Value Strategic Report Accolades.

Leon Milligan, corporate reporting consultant at Emperor Design, said, “The bringing together of the leading figures in the reporting arena inspires new thinking and drives improvements in reporting. This event has again got the cogs turning and I am ever more enthused by the future direction of reporting.”

Reputation concerns for Shell
Written by Emily Andrews   
Tuesday, 29 September 2015 13:31

Polar_Bear.jpgShell announced yesterday (28 September) that it would be pulling out of the Alaskan Arctic after a key well yielded disappointing results.

The Anglo-Dutch oil and gas company, which has invested billions of dollars into its Arctic drilling project, has been forced to withdraw. It is unclear how much of an influence environmentalists and public pressure had on this decision.

Revolution and resolution in the history of brand
Written by Brittany Golob   
Tuesday, 29 September 2015 09:47

Lippincott.jpgThey led revolutions, started things, made people think differently, changed the world...and now their visages are rarely seen outside the context of an ironic t-shirt. Mao, Che Guevara, Lenin: not necessarily the ‘good guys’ in the political sense in the west, but revolutionaries all. That’s the thing with brand, the ‘Like me: Our bond with brands’ exhibit points out, a simple, powerful idea can become more than what it originally represented. More and more people build an emotional tie to that idea until it becomes a brand.

Then there are the consumer brands that take a product, build a story around it and encourage an emotional connection to that product, lifestyle or emotion. In 1876, Bass Ale became the first trademarked corporate brand. In 2015, brand has never been more important.


Maintaining company culture during rapid growth
Written by Emily Andrews   
Monday, 28 September 2015 16:29

Chipotle.jpgMexican restaurant chain, Chipotle, has taken unique measures to ensure that its employer brand is administered across all of its stores.

The company has a system where it measures the success of its store managers on a quarterly basis.

Chipotle’s co-CEO, Monty Moran devised the company’s intense management system whereby each of the company’s managers is marked against a 39-point checklist of ‘negative themes’ that the manager is expected to avoid. The checklist of unacceptable scenarios includes, ‘The vision is not clear to employees or they are not inspired by it’, ‘People aren’t focused on making the people around them better, and are therefore not truly top performers’ and ‘Low performers are allowed to remain on a team, dis-incentivizing the rest of the team’.

Vote for CIPR presidency
Written by Emily Andrews   
Monday, 28 September 2015 12:56

Andy_Jason.jpgVoting has begun for the CIPR’s next president-elect.

The election is being contested by Andy Green, who has a non-exec role at three seperate agencies, and Jason MacKenzie, managing director at Liquid communications consultancy.

CIPR members are invited to vote for a president-elect, who will succeed to presidency after one year and then serve another year as past president. The president will act as chairman of the chartered institute for public relations practitioners.

Public relations industry trends at London conference
Written by Emily Andrews   
Monday, 28 September 2015 09:35

You_Can_t....jpgIn light of the Volkswagen story, Kamal Ahmed, business editor at the BBC, said that, “honesty, transparency and information” are key when communicating during a crisis.

At the PRCA National Conference 2015 Ahmed said Volkswagen have thus far fallen short in communicating to all of their stakeholders. While they may be in discussion with investors, the automotive company have neglected the media, and by extension their customers, by failing to speak about what the crisis actually means for people who already own the Volkswagen cars affected by the scandal. Ahmed also spoke about the wider implications for the automotive industry with regards to fuel emissions and loss of trust.

Sharing a vision
Written by Emily Andrews   
Friday, 25 September 2015 15:34

Grange hotel_1.jpgBased in the heart of London, from 18 – 19 November the Grange Tower Bridge Hotel will play host to a HR event with a difference.

By bringing together delegates from some of the most well known corporate organisations across the UK and the world, the event aims to connect HR professionals with the right people in the minimum amount of time.

A dark time for Volkswagen
Written by Emily Andrews   
Friday, 25 September 2015 13:24

Martin_Winterkorn_VW_750x500.jpgVolkswagen’s reputation lies in tatters after it emerged that the German car manufacturer fixed tests to give the appearance of reduced diesel emissions. As stocks plummet, the brand’s communications team have a big job on their hands.

The company intentionally misled its stakeholders worldwide by illegally using software to manipulate exhaust emissions results on an engine that it held up as a low emissions product. The company’s misconduct has led to a drop in shares of more than 30% since the crisis broke. It has seen tens of billions of dollars slashed from its market value and, with recalls and court costs, it’s likely to get worse before it gets better. The brand is going to have to demonstrate change on a huge scale if it stands any chance of winning back the public’s trust after such a seemingly duplicitous scandal.

Animating for elephants
Written by Amy Sandys   
Thursday, 24 September 2015 09:00

From package tourist holidays to budgeting students and hippy travellers, South East Asia has long been a popular destination for those wanting to see more of the world. Countries like Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam in particular have seen visitor numbers increase exponentially in recent years, in part due to the unique wildlife experiences on offer.ElephantRides.jpg

With a proliferation of social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, images of wildlife such as elephants being enjoyed up-close by backpackers have caught the imagination of Western tourists. Internet access is becoming increasingly prevalent in these previously less well connected parts of the world, leading to higher information dissemination. This results in a higher demand for these certain types of tourist activity.

Public relations pinnacle
Written by Emily Andrews   
Wednesday, 23 September 2015 11:25

PRCA_Awards_2014.jpgAhead of the awards ceremony in November, the shortlist for the PRCA Awards 2015 has been announced.

The list recognises a range of in-house and agency communications teams who have delivered innovative and influential campaigns that demonstrate the potential for public relations to have a dramatic impact on an organisation’s reputation and success.

Redesign, rebrand, and relocation for mcm creative group
Written by Amy Sandys   
Wednesday, 23 September 2015 09:49

Mcm creative group, a Hammersmith-based design agency, yesterday unveiled a new image and brand refresh to correspond to its new direction as a marketing communications agency. This focus is reinforced through the new strapline ‘communicating, creatively’.MCMCreative_1.jpeg

Identifying a corporate gap between creative concept agency and technical production company, the reimagined mcm creative group encompass corporate events, experiential activation and film production. An updated website highlights its work with brands such as Coca-Cola, John Lewis and Morrisons, showcasing a Morrisons retail Christmas press show, and its design and implementation of the John Lewis 150 anniversary event.

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