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The future of food

Independent charitable foundation, the Wellcome Trust, has created a sub-brand for a public engagement initiative around food, health and the planet. The…
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Annual IR awards at Tower of London

For financial communicators, the IR Society’s awards is a major event in the corporate calendar. On 24 November, the Best Practice Awards was hosted in the…
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Digital skills developed in India

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has formed a partnership that will help to tackle the UK’s digital skills shortage. The IT services firm has announced its…
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Brand strategy in Asia-Pacific

There are so many components to a successful brand strategy that it can be difficult for branding professionals to ensure that they are abreast of industry…
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Is your company referendum ready?

The EU Referendum is already beginning to dominate UK news, and its position at the forefront of the public conscience will only intensify as negotiations…
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Kenco trains future farmers

Kenco’s Coffee vs Gangs project, in the heart of Honduras, has reached its final stage. The scheme trained young people to become coffee farmers and business…
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Wednesday 9 December,  200 Aldersgate, St Paul's

Employer Brand Management starts with the brand. Investing in a good employer brand means investing in a good reputation.

On 9 December, we will be exploring how to attract and retain the best talent and the communications opportunities and challenges that tie in with employer brand management. Topics on the programme include:

  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Creating a multinational employer brand
  • Engaging with a remote workforce
  • Metrics and measuring your success

The Employer Brand Management conference will be useful and interesting for the internal communications, HR, brand and corporate communications teams.

Tickets for this event are £195 and there's a discount on multiple bookings. This event will sell out so book your tickets today.

You can watch highlights of the 2014 event below.