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Net services have a new name
Friday, 18 January 2013 12:25

netnames.jpgDomain names have a new home as the company owning six domain name providers has consolidated its corporate brands under one umbrella.

Group NBT has rebranded its entire operation to NetNames and has undergone a rebrand to continue building its international presence in online brand protection services.

Retainer work outweighs project work in fourth quarter
Friday, 18 January 2013 11:25

prsurvey.jpgThis year marks a change in the outlook for many in the corporate world. CFOs are cautiously optimistic about 2013. The world averted disaster at the hands of the Mayan calendar. And now, the PRCA is reporting that the PR industry has cause for good spirits, as well.

The industry has seen a shift from the prevalence of project work back to retainer work. In a survey of 96 PR agencies, a 9% rise in retainer work was recorded in the final quarter of 2012 compared to the previous quarter. This has led to a 54% of consultancy MDs exhibiting high levels of optimism for the coming months. However, most still think the UK economy will stagnate or worsen before it begins to improve.

Unpaid internships must end, guidelines say
Friday, 18 January 2013 11:06

interns.jpgUnpaid internships have been loathed and lauded, depending on the perspective. However, they are still the norm in many sectors, including the design and public relations industries.

To combat the misuse of interns and unpaid labour, the PRCA has issued strict guidance to the PR industry recommending that interns be paid the National Minimum Wage. The Intern Guidelines researched by the PRCA have produced a number of findings on the status of interns in the PR industry.

Rebrand takes to the skies
Friday, 18 January 2013 10:32

aa.jpgIt has been flying the friendly skies for 83 years and has been known by its now former branding for 46 of them. American Airlines’ has announced that its retro look will be replaced with a new identity designed by the aptly-named Futurebrand.

The rebrand comes at a time when American is adding new planes to its fleet and exploring a merger with popular liner US Airways. The impetus to rebrand arose in 2011 when American announced its purchase of hundreds of new Boeing and Airbus planes that would be incapable of featuring the patented raw silver colour of the airline’s livery.

Brands do not cater to jobseekers needs
Thursday, 17 January 2013 16:37

jobs.jpgIt’s a tough world out there for the thousands of jobseekers in Europe. Application processes and corporate websites do not make things much easier.

The Lundquist Employer Branding Online Awards examined the ability of employers to reach jobseekers and the way brands communicate with applicants. In a survey of over 450 people in 57 countries, Lundquist found that 80% have careers websites solely designed for desktops, without mobile or social media variants. Additionally, only 30 companies have a dedicated careers-based social media presence. 

Comms directors lack faith in crisis plans
Thursday, 17 January 2013 14:12

crisiscomms.jpgThe crisis management plans for at least 40% of British businesses fail to address social media. New research shows that one third of communications directors feel unprepared for handling a crisis.

Nexus Communications’ research has shown that despite most businesses developing a crisis preparedness plan, they fall short in terms of functionality from a communications perspective. Comms directors also fear that their teams lack the experience to cope with serious problems. Despite the efforts of companies to enact plans, 20% of crisis management teams do not feel that any one person will have responsibility in a crisis. Leadership is one of the core tenets of crisis management, according to industry experts.

A new ethos to replace mythos
Wednesday, 16 January 2013 13:08

saab2_1.jpgA griffin is the king of mythical beasts. It has the legs of a lion and the head of an eagle. But for an automobile manufacturer that declared bankruptcy, it may not have been the most appropriate emblem.

Saab, which is now run by National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS), lost its iconic griffin-and-crown logo when NEVS failed to purchase the rights to the logo. The acquisition has allowed NEVS access to the intellectual property rights for Saab’s auto and manufacturing designs which it will use in conjunction with NEVS' electric powertrain technology.

Pick a colour, any colour
Wednesday, 16 January 2013 12:44

itv.jpegThe long-awaited rebrand of ITV went live this week, prompting lukewarm reviews on Twitter but providing a unified identity for its five subsidiary channels.

Ahead of the rebrand, the management team at ITV underwent organisational changes, prompting the desire to enhance the profile ITV Creative, its in-house team. One of the main features of the new identity is the colour-picking logo. The main cursive-scripted ITV logo will be placed on top of on-air images and will pick colours from them to best blend the logo into the on-screen content.

Retail shopping meets the digital age
Wednesday, 16 January 2013 12:11

intu.jpgA major British shopping centre chain is breaking Intu new territory as it rebrands from Capital Shopping Centres to Intu Properties. The company, which owns Lakeside and the Trafford Centre, has invested £25 million and hopes to compete with Westfield centres.

The rebrand was devised largely to address the reshaping of retail to suit the digital age. In a presentation to stakeholders, the CSC group show that 68% of smartphone users use their devices instore and 44% of shoppers look online before shopping instore. The ecommerce launch and in-mall WiFi will allow the Intu centres to address the technological developments in the retail sector.

Corporate leadership overdue for overhaul
Tuesday, 15 January 2013 16:15

ceos.jpgCEOs have taken on increasingly public and versatile roles in recent years. Stakeholders expect not only good business practice of CEOs but also the ability to manage the company through the difficult economic environment. Perhaps for this reason, half of Britain’s CEOs come from finance, operations or marketing.

Research carried out by the Mullwood Partnership on the prominence of those with an HR background on senior management teams has found that only 5% of CEOs come from HR. While the breakdown of CEOs’ backgrounds is compelling, it also shows that many come from seemingly unusual backgrounds such as IT, the military, journalism and psychology.

Agencies' predictions for the year in digital marketing
Tuesday, 15 January 2013 14:06

retail.jpgMaybe, by the end of 2013, shoppers will enter a retail outlet, look up their item on an iPad stationed at the entrance, try it on using digital fitting rooms and pay for it with their mobiles or tablets.

The British Interactive Marketing Association (BIMA) has released its yearly predictions for the next 12 months from the UK’s leading digital agencies.

Polar bears to benefit from CSR partnership
Tuesday, 15 January 2013 11:08

coke.jpgIt’s one thing to feature polar bears in adverts and Christmas campaigns. It’s quite another to actually try and protect polar bears from the perils of global warming.

Coca-Cola is teaming up with the World Wildlife Federation (WWF) in a push to protect polar bears’ Arctic environments. The CSR effort will see 1.4 million square kilometres in Greenland and Canada protected as a wildlife conservation area.

Cafe chain cultivates new identity
Monday, 14 January 2013 10:28

benugo.jpgThe London museum-goer or professional on a lunch run will know all about Benugo. The burgeoning chain combines a luxe panini service with the aromas of freshly made coffee and favourite British lunchtime fare. Now it also combines a dollop of personality with a pinch of William Shakespeare.

The chain has launched two new locations featuring a rebranded identity that will soon roll out to the existing branches. The ico designed branding features black and white illustrations, one depicting the Bard himself. The new identity aims to demonstrate the independent spirit of the cafes while simultaneously promoting Benugo’s new position as a major high-street player.

The declining app-eal of corporate apps
Thursday, 10 January 2013 16:44

optimisation.pngThe great app versus optimisation debate has come to a head in a survey of corporate web managers.

Bowen Craggs & Company, the online effectiveness experts who run the web effectiveness index, released findings from a survey of 68 web managers at major international companies. Of respondents, 87% prefer their company to introduce a mobile-optimised website to a corporate app.

Chinese social media, now available in English
Wednesday, 09 January 2013 14:00

weibo.jpgCompanies of all shapes and sizes, sectors and styles have opened offices in the Far East, promoted their goods to this exploding market or engaged with Asian audiences online. Weibo, the Chinese response to sites like Facebook and Twitter, has just made that a bit easier.

With 400-million registered users, Weibo can expect a few more after today’s announcement that it has launched a partial English interface. If Twitter is a must-do for brands in Western countries, Weibo is the equivalent in China. Its users are young, forward-minded and engage with brands and celebrities already on the microblog.

Though marketeers have been attempting to access China's consumers through the vibrant social media network, the ease of an English interface may be the answer they have been looking for.

Brand loyalty relies on more than theme park rides
Tuesday, 08 January 2013 13:17

disney.jpgMany companies are jumping on the interactive, consumer-oriented web portal bandwagon. Disney, ever at the forefront of such things, has taken it one step further. It has launched a digital wristband that engages with in-park features and with an online portal. The impetus behind such endeavours is to build brand loyalty by engaging with an audience and bringing customers into brands’ digital communities.

Disney’s existing approach toward brand loyalty focuses on the consumer, not the brand itself, with the objective of personalising the Disney experience based on personal data and preferences.

CFOs warily optimistic about 2013
Tuesday, 08 January 2013 11:40

deloitte.jpgDeloitte’s quarterly survey of CFOs has found that most are optimistic heading in to 2013. However, that optimism stems from a sense that the economy is less bad than it could have been. The eurozone is intact (for now), credit is more available (for now), emerging markets are strong (for now). All of that could have gone the other way. However, the fact that it didn’t has led to the relatively positive outlook CFOs are exhibiting.

Pearson pulls out of PR apprenticeships
Monday, 07 January 2013 14:32

apprenticeships2.jpgWith university applications down by 6%, recent leavers may be looking to apprenticeships to enter the workforce. Today, however, one of the country’s biggest providers of adult training, Pearson in Practice, has been shut down by its parent company, Pearson.

Despite a government subsidy to participate in education-based apprenticeship schemes, the programme is no longer financially sustainable for Pearson. The closure will impact the PRCA, which has a partnership with Pearson in Practice to provide apprenticeships and skills training to young people entering the PR industry.

UK's designers are disgruntled, survey says
Monday, 07 January 2013 12:49

designsurvey.jpgThe design industry is in a state of flux as disgruntled employees and distraught agencies face the recession head-on for the fourth-plus year.

The annual Design Industry Voices survey, implemented by Fairley & Associates, Gabriele Skelton and On Pointe Marketing, points to an industry screaming for change. Problems facing design agencies stem from an over-reliance on junior or unpaid staff, a crisis in leadership and a lack of professional respect for designers’ work. This concoction of problems has caused 59% of respondents to indicate that they intend to switch jobs within the year.

Spicy rebrand hits the aisles
Monday, 07 January 2013 10:34

greensaffron.jpgOne of the best things to spice up a dreary January day can be going home to a giant helping of steaming curry or stew. Green Saffron has spiced up its branding to see Britain through the cold, dark winter nights.

The spice company, run by Arun Kapil, teamed up with London agency Blue Marlin to launch a new brand identity in order to differentiate Green Saffron’s products on the shelves. What emerged was a spicy blend of the creation story behind Green Saffron, Victorian illustrations and – fittingly for a collaboration between companies called green and blue – bold colours.

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