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Interns given arts marketing opportunity
Monday, 05 August 2013 16:23

RAW_Interns.jpgThe UK’s leading dance house, Sadler’s Wells, has teamed up with nearby creative engagement agency Rufus Leonard to form a challenge that offers interns the opportunity to write their own client marketing pitch.

The five interns, who come from backgrounds such as graphic design and psychology, are all partaking in the 3-month ‘RAW’ programme at the North East London agency and will have the chance to experience delivering a live brief within the highly competitive creative industry.

Rosey relations: Yorkshire Day branding prank
Monday, 05 August 2013 15:21

Rose_on_pitch.jpgWith plenty of creative cheek and some tricky camera work, Limehouse Productions, working on behalf of Yorkshire Tea, brewed up a viral video storm in lieu of Yorkshire Day on the 1st of August.

Limehouse Productions, the Halifax-based, award-winning communications agency that have been working with the tea brand for just over a year, took their travelling van (nicknamed ‘Little Urn’) on an adventure across the Pennines to Lancashire, their ultimate rival county.

Earlier this year Yorkshire Tea signed a three year deal with the ECB, making it the official brew of the England Cricket Team. As the sport is a central aspect of Yorkshire Tea’s brand persona and tea is an essential part of a day of cricket, a mutually beneficial marketing relationship has blossomed.

Britain as an international brand
Monday, 05 August 2013 13:45

Britain as an International Brand: Before and After the London 2012 Olympics


The London 2012 Olympic Games has been heralded as a success on many fronts other than sporting, but whether international opinion of ‘Britishness’ is amongst these remains to be seen.

A major global study undertaken by Landor Associates has found that London 2012 has significantly transformed many views on Britain as a brand, but perhaps not in the ways that we would have expected. It has been suggested that last summer’s Olympics marked a considerable peak in the gradual up-turn in the way that Britain is perceived by the wider world. However, Landor’s study has closely charted shifts in global attitudes using BrandAsset Valuator (BAV) technology over a 20-year period and the changes revealed are far from predictable.

Ethics in Internal Communications Summit
Monday, 05 August 2013 10:34

SaraLipscombe.mvcThe Institute of Internal Communications, the UK’s leading professional body for internal communications practitioners, and the Reputation Institute have come together to host a half-day event to discuss and advise upon an critically important corporate concern – ethics.

The Ethics in Internal Communications Summit will be held on Wednesday, September 18th at the Hospital Club, Covent Garden, and will feature panel discussion, Q&A sessions and speeches from professionals including Pierre Goad ,Global Co-Head of Communications at HSBC, and Sara Lipscombe, Group Communications Director and Board Member at Atkins.

Production company brand leaves an imprint
Monday, 29 July 2013 16:08

madam.jpgLast week, a new video production company debuted a masculine, unique visual identity. This week, a woman-led production firm is debuting a decidedly female brand.

Madam, founded by a trio of female producers, is intrinsically provocative. BETC London designed a branding system featuring photographs of lingerie imprinted into flesh and the word ‘madam’ spelled out across naked bits of anatomy.

Stargazing in central London
Monday, 29 July 2013 14:31

vmagroup.jpgAt most communications awards events, the winner goes home with a trophy or certificate or a bottle of bubbly. At VMA Group’s inaugural Rising Stars event last night, the five winners took home a more personal accolade – a star named in their honour.

The five young communicators who were named the industry’s Rising Stars in four categories spoke of their teams’ hard work, their mentors’ help and the opportunities their companies had provided them in allowing them to achieve the honour. The judges spoke of each winner with esteem.

Major merger creates world's largest comms holding group
Monday, 29 July 2013 09:12

publicis.jpgIn 1778, France supported the U.S. in its war against King George III. This week, French advertising group Publicis and U.S. firm Omnicom announced a merger, a move that will effectively dethrone Britain’s WPP as the world’s largest communications group.

John Wren, head of Omnicom and Maurice Levy, chairman and CEO of Publicis, announced the impending merger at a Paris press conference. The new supercompany will control nearly 40% of the American advertising industry, putting it in questionable territory regarding antitrust legislation.

Regional PR honoured on CIPR shortlist
Friday, 26 July 2013 14:44

CIPR_PRide.jpgThe CIPR’s regional PR benchmarking programme is celebrating its 10th birthday with a round of 12 awards events across the UK.

The shortlist is comprised of a number of agencies, in-house teams and campaigns from Aberdeen to Kent and from Belfast to Cardiff. Awards are distributed across a number of disciplines

Bold brand doesn't step gingerly
Friday, 26 July 2013 11:27

ginger.jpgWhen Volume, a Berkshire-based integrated agency, was approached by new production company Ginger and Pickles, it was told that the desired website was to look unlike any other production company’s site and have no marketing plan.

The resulting digital product looks somewhere between that of a photographer’s gallery and a small whiskey distillery. The branding and design work evokes a sense of Shoreditch eatery or retro baseball team. The combination of styles and eras has resulted in a decidedly unique digital platform for the young studio.

Digital all stars celebrate with BIMA
Thursday, 25 July 2013 14:48

BIMA.jpgLast night, the stars of the digital world were honoured where the stars of the film and television world typically hold court. Britain’s entertainment industry institution, BAFTA, held court to BIMA’s announcement of the 2013 entrants to the Digital Hall of Fame and the launch of its Hot 100 list.

The Digital Hall of Fame received its second intake class of stars in the digital world. 2012 entries include Sir Tim Berners-Lee and Sir Jeremy Ive, among others. This year’s five new accessions were: Joanna Shields, CEO of Tech City UK, Justin Cooke, CEO of Possible UK, Nigel Vaz, MD Europe of SapientNitro, Matt Brittin, VP of operations at Google Europe and Luke Taylor, global CE of DigitasLBi.

Rebrand to encourage investment in Scottish football
Thursday, 25 July 2013 14:13

spfl.jpgAny rebrand of a football club, logo or stadium can reach deep-rooted emotions in fans that can cause outpourings of hate, or of love. Last year’s Wolverhampton rebrand was overwhelmingly supported by Wolves fans, yet this year’s Everton crest’s cleanup caused consternation among the Merseyside faithful.

Now, Scottish football has a new face and name in a merger and rebrand that serves draw it closer in line with the English football leagues. Chief executive of the new Scottish Professional Football League, Neil Doncaster adds that despite the new organisation’s recent birth, it’s branding allows it an appealing clarity and certainty for investors. He points to the brand as the beginning of partnerships with media organisations and others in the world of British sport.

Quarter of PR industry in financial danger
Wednesday, 24 July 2013 14:34

Plimsoll.jpgThis year’s PRCA in-house benchmarking report found that in-house teams are less concerned than they had been in 2012 about the communications budget. The CIPR’s annual survey showed that half of PR practitioners experienced frozen budgets and other symptoms of the recession, though an overall optimism pervaded the industry.

Plimsoll, a industry analysis company, recently studied the health of the PR industry. It found that about a quarter of PR consultancies require a financial restructuring in order to survive.

Media monitoring in the age of social
Wednesday, 24 July 2013 13:52

telescope.jpgThe CIPR’s Social Media Panel announced today that it has tackled the difficult, yet necessary issues surrounding social media monitoring (SMM). The panel seeks to address the plethora of varied monitoring tools available for free by instituting standards and guidelines for PR practitioners to follow.

Simon Collister, a member of the panel and lecturer at the London College of Communications says, "Social media monitoring is a key issue for PR practitioners at the moment. We have evidence from CIPR member feedback that while many practitioners know social media monitoring is increasingly important to organisations, they don't necessarily know exactly what monitoring entails, which tools and technologies are good for certain tasks and how to integrate it into wider strategies and practices. This was the primary driver for the document.”

IoIC Awards shortlist shows industry's quality
Tuesday, 23 July 2013 11:14

ioicawards.pngThis year’s IoIC Awards shortlist is of a quality never before seen, says chief executive Steve Doswell. The growing professionalism and quality of work in internal communications has been a yearly trend, resulting in a shortlist of an unusually high standard.

The Awards, which are comprised of 42 categories in eight sections will take place on 27 September at the Park Plaza Riverbank in London. The programme was amended this year as well, to address recent developments in the industry.

Spoked wheels and brand guidelines
Monday, 22 July 2013 14:48

brompton_dock.jpgThey sit quietly at passengers feet on trains, they get hauled upstairs to be stowed beneath desks, they discreetly live in entryways and closets waiting for the moment when they will be unfolded with pelican-like grace and will safely transport their user to his or her destination. Though these fold-up bikes are useful and now ubiquitous, the brand behind the bike is a bit more ambiguous.

Brompton is the largest manufacturer of folding bikes in the country and is in demand worldwide. Even more unknown was its sister company, a bike-share scheme that proliferates around the country’s universities and train stations – known as Brompton Dock.

Union for change, NUS rebrands
Monday, 22 July 2013 11:04

NUS.jpgThe National Union of Students (NUS) is comprised of thousands of members, tons of areas of activity and 600 individual student unions. It had a visual identity that was functional, but not flexible enough to effectively unify the massive organisation.

In came Spencer du Bois with a plan to unify and reinvigorate the NUS through a rebrand.

Executive director Max du Bois says, “We’ve given an iconic organisation a much needed make-over and a powerful way to harness and direct all their activities. In these noisy times, coherence, understanding and engagement is everything.”

Integrated reporting partnership supports sustainability
Friday, 19 July 2013 15:41

wind_farm.jpgCorporate reporting has taken on a green hue in recent years as companies strive to better communicate their sustainability strategies to investors and other stakeholders. Today, the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) and the Climate Disclosure Standards Board (CDSB) announced an alliance to hasten the transition to a sustainable business model across the economic landscape.

The document the two organisations collaborated on, Memorandum of Understanding, highlights how integral the use and depletion of natural resources is to integrated reporting.

Utilities fall short in telling corporate story
Friday, 19 July 2013 14:53

storytellingB2B brands have a tough time communicating their corporate story to consumers. While everyone’s favourite FMCG and consumer brands – Apple, IKEA, Guinness – consistently top brand, reputation and communications charts, other industries fall short in many of these rankings, particularly those that operate in the B2B space.

Aesop, a brand storytelling agency, released a survey of 1,500 people in the UK ranking the best storytelling brands. Apple, as per usual, topped seven of the 10 categories, with sky-high marks in authenticity and memorability. The rest of the top 10 was filled out by prominent FMCG  and retail firms, and BMW. This may not come as a surprise to the average consumer. Particularly as most of the bottom 10 are utilities or telecoms companies.

Brand reputation reliant upon online security
Thursday, 18 July 2013 15:39

project_sunblock.gifIn any industry, the way a company is represented in the press, in advertising or on the internet has a clear impact on that company’s brand reputation and a communication campaign’s ROI. Part of maintaining that reputation relies on the knowledge of where that company’s brand is, particularly in the wide world of online marketing.

Project Sunblock, a brand protection company that verifies websites for brand communications teams, has teamed up with Digital Element whose geolocation technology will allow more accurate assurance of brand reputation security online.

Industry responds to lobbying bill
Wednesday, 17 July 2013 15:28

houseofparliament.jpegThe Government released its long-awaited bill regarding the transparency of lobbying today. However, what came as a shock to many in PR and public affairs was the blow to the efforts of the communications industry to institute a statutory lobbying register was the fact that, while a register will be established, only a tiny community of lobbyists will be represented.

The bill stipulates than an independent registry of lobbyists will be established and it will be both easy to ascribe to and understand. However, the only people who qualify for inclusion in the registry will be those working for an agency and speaking directly with a minister in the Government or a permanent secretary.

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