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Edelman discovers the naked truth
Tuesday, 01 September 2009 11:54

Accompanied by a samba band and a crowd of bemused spectators, environmental protest group Climate Camp held a naked protest in the lobby of global PR firm Edelman on Tuesday, 1 September.

The activists, campaigning against Edelman’s PR support for their client E.ON, occupied the lobby, roof and entrance way. Edelman is providing strategic communications advice to E.ON to help with its plans to rebuild the Kingsnorth power plant, making it the first coal-fired power station to be built in the UK in 30 years

Earlier this year, Communicate magazine spoke to Erik Brandsma, vice president of corporate responsibility, at E.ON Corporate Centre, who said, “The obvious and main aim of the protest group is to grab the media attention.” Asked how E.ON works with protest groups, he said, “We want to be transparent with all of our stakeholders.”

The protests came in the week that E.ON is to launch a campaign to encourage a debate with consumers around energy issues.

Incorporating national and regional press adverts, direct marketing, radio and online video, the campaign ads feature customers raising questions about saving money, saving energy and low carbon solutions.

According to Jeremy Davies, director of brand and communications at E.ON, the campaign will involve consumers in “adult to adult conversation” about the issues facing energy use. “It’s crucial that people are not only aware of the issues we are confronted with now, but that they also have the information and the voice to allow them to become fully involved in helping shape the future,” he said.

Elsewhere in London, another group of Climate Camp demonstrators blockaded the entrance of RBS. Padlocking the doors, they set up banners proclaiming, "RBS: under new ownership – ethical renovation in progress".


Photo: Amy Scaife, Camp for Climate Action

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