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Davos, Russian prospects and economic challenges

VTB Capital’s Olga Podoinitsyna examines the relationship between the eurozone, Russia and the international economy through her experiences at the World…
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Orange's international acquisitions

French telecoms conglomerate, Orange SA, formerly France Télécom SA, is in the process of acquiring Moroccan mobile network operator MédiTélécom (Méditel).…
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Awards for digital communicators is now welcoming entries

We are surrounded by high budget digital consumer campaigns that excite and impress.The work being done in business to business communications can be just as…
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The future of corporate events

The technology behind things like 3D hologram projections, instant communications and responsive lighting has long been the purview of science fiction.…
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PR optimism diminished

While 2015 is likely to be a strong year for the public relations industry, PR professionals are wary of the post-recession optimism exhibited last year. The…
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Telecoms consolidation continues

The consolidation of Britain’s telecoms industry continues with the announcement that Hutchison will buy Telefónica’s UK unit. Hutchison Whampoa Ltd. is an…
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The Corporate & Financial Awards is the leading European celebration of successful financial communications strategies. The programme honours those leading the way when addressing the City and its influencers as well as the internal teams. The awards programme is now open for entries. All entries must be submitted by 16 April. All entries received by 12 March 2015 will be given £100 discount from the total entry fee.

Categories in the Corporate & Financial Awards cover all aspects of financial communications and include: best M&A communications, best IPO communications, most effective crisis communications and best sustainability campaign. Organisations can enter the awards if the strategy or execution was developed, launched or carried our between August 2013 and March 2015.

The Corporate & Financial Awards has created an industry-wide benchmark, as well as an opportunity to recognise outstanding work in the field and for internal teams.


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