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NLA to reimburse court costs

The PRCA’s court battle with the Newspaper Licensing Agency (NLA) reaches a critical point with the news that, alongside media monitoring company Meltwater, it…
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Reputation, leadership and teen fashion

What was once the most-asked for item on the teens’ and tweens’ Christmas list, has now lost most of its lustre – and its credibility, CEO and share price.…
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Poor change management affects employee productivity

As any good employer knows, strong employee engagement is key to productivity. But research shows that this can be hard to achieve, particularly in situations…
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Boosting digital communications in small charities

PR and content marketing are crucial for small charities since they often lack access to the generous advertising budgets enjoyed by the larger charities.…
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Public affairs communications honoured at inaugural awards

The relationship between business and government is more complex and interwoven than ever before due to the layers of regional, national and international…
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The CIPR board of directors is announced

The Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) has released its 2015 board of directors under Sarah Pinch, president of the board. The new board consists…
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At the Employer Brand Management conference on 12 December attendees will learn from almost 20 in-house experts from global organisations who have mastered the art of managing their employer brands. If you are tasked with ensuring your organisation’s employer brand is positioned to engage, attract and retain then this is the conference for you. To book your place, click here.


Invest in employee experience not employer brand

Building a reputation among employees and the recruitment audience requires a strong foundation that runs deeper than an EVP, says Radley Yeldar's Stephen Duncan. Read more.



The employer brand: More than a logo in a 3D space

The implementation of an employer brand on the phyiscal space can impact internal culture. Julie Sch√∂enfelder from GLIMMA discusses the built environment. Read more.

How HSBC NOW has raised its image as a great place to work

With a culture change necessary post-banking collapse, HSBC had to reinvent its employee engagement. Annie Bissett from MerchantCantos explains the development process. Read more.

Employer branding: Another job on the CEO’s to-do list?

A company's employer brand should come from the top, but should be a reflection of corporate culture, Sheila Parry from theblueballroom says. Read more.

Nick_Francis.jpgHow digital changed recruitment

I can’t think of a more exciting time to work in our space. New techniques and technologies appear by the day. Nick Francis from Casual Films explores the role of digital in employer branding. Read more.





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