Europe's only dedicated conference for rebranding, repositioning and brand transformation
 21 March 2012 - The Brewery, London
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Introduction and welcome address


Molly Pierce, Communicate magazine, editor









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09:00 Navigating times of change through core brand values

Every organisation will face times of significant change in the marketplace, whether changes in regulations, a crisis or changes in stakeholder perceptions.

Here Philip Davies, president EMEA, Siegel+Gale, discusses how the brand is intrinsic in navigating these inflection points.

bluespacer.gif Philip Davies,Siegel+Gale, president EMEA


 Great brands, great talent, great margin

Emerging practice from leading organisations suggests that brand and talent are two sides of the same coin, requiring much closer integration in how they are managed and activated both internally and externally.  BrandPie's Kevin Keohane offers insight into how going beyond traditional "brand engagement"can help create both bonded employees and bonded customers to drive commercial success.





Kevin Keohane, BrandPie, partner


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Digital rebranding


Designers play a crucial role in driving audience interaction- their choices can make or break the brand experience. The usual brand requirements exist; the vision, the positioning, tone of voice, and a cohesive identity, however the fact the user literally interacts with the brand means the brand experience is vital. The brand is required to be more than just a logo. It has to be proactive, engaging and ever developing to fit the users’ needs and expectations. Simon Dixon provides an insight from success stories such as and Renew..


   Simon Dixon, DixonBaxi



  Measuring the value of a rebrand

Before an organisation makes the decision to invest in a rebranding initiative, it must ask itself the question – is there any value? 

The challenge has always been to find metrics to measure the value of a rebrand, both on the balance sheet and on an organisation’s biggest intangible asset – its brand.

Here David Haigh, CEO of brand valuation specialist Brand Finance, offers some insight into both the intangible and economic value of rebranding, drawing on a case study on an oil and gas company.


 David HaighBrand Finance, CEO




Case study- a story of radical brand transformation through brand storytelling

Businesses in highly competitive and often relatively low margin sectors focus their energy quite rightly on service excellence and risk mitigation. The haulage sector is no exception. 

In this pursuit to deliver competitive service levels, businesses often forget 'who they are and why they are different'. They stop communicating 'ATTITUDE' and focus on the 'A to B'. 

White Logistics was such a  business but importantly they had a valued and distinctive edge. It was there in 'Black and White'. This case study of transformational brand development explains their approach to developing a challenger brand and the very real  commercial impact of this investment.




Judith Stracey, White Logistics, managing director

Paul Middlebrook, The Allotment, managing director






From values to style: defining tone of voice

Distinctive brands have a distinctive tone of voice. But so many brands still sound the same. They say they want to stand out, yet something holds them back.

We’ll look at the what happens when brands get it right and wrong, and get you thinking in a different way.


bluespacer.gif Charli Matthews, The Writer, trainer


Case study: Getting boardroom buy-in for the rebrand.

This is the story of the Global Blue brand transformation, exploring the process they went through from both the client and the agency perspectives, how they persuaded the board to change, and the impact the change has had on the business. From the re-skinning of thousands of different pieces of collateral, to the adding of 7 new product streams, the Global Blue case study is a good demonstration of a brand being transformed across every dimension.


  Simon Cotterrell, Goosebumps Brand Consultancy, founder and strategic director  

Manelik Sfez, Global Blue, vice president, partner



Coffee and cakes




Brand transformation - what's DAM got to do with it?

Why do senior brand & marketing professionals need to consider the emerging business discipline of digital asset management (DAM), and why are they relevant to brand transformation?   

In 2012, brand protection, consistency and engagement are key. For this reason DAM and MRM (marketing resource management) will move mainstream, driving vital communication efficiencies.  

Experts including Mark Davey from The DAM Foundation will host a panel session covering brand asset management, video asset management and social media management, using "real world" insight and case studies. It promises to be jargon-free, fun & thought provoking. 



 Mark Davey, DAM Foundation, Founder

Romney Whitehead, NET-A-PORTER, digital media manager

Fran Alexander, BBC, taxonomy manager

Phil Morton, Freestyle Interactive, operations director