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                                                                  Submit your entries by 12 March 2015 to receive £100 discount 

The Corporate & Financial Awards is the leading European celebration of successful financial communication strategies. The programme honours those leading the way when addressing the City and its influencers as well as the internal teams.


                                                            The final deadline is 16 April 2015

 The Corporate & Financial Awards highlight those with a consistent and successful communications strategy when addressing the City and its influencers.

Companies have been aware of the importance of communicating with their investors for a number of years. They have also been aware of the importance of maintaining relationships with those who influence them – the media, regulators, the communities in which they operate, etc.

However it is only relatively recently that companies have started to understand how important it is to talk to all these audiences with a single voice. But with creativity, technology and best practice moving at such a fast pace, it is difficult for organisations to know where excellence lies.

The Corporate & Financial Awards has created an industry-wide benchmark, as well as an opportunity to recognise outstanding work in the field and for internal teams.

For more information contact Hannah Hodges or Annabelle Moore or call +44207 498 7008

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